A primeira agência de viagens à medida A primeira agência de viagens à medida

1.Travel with TravelTailors

All TravelTailors programs are prepared for those who are passionate about traveling and love to discover new cultures, foods, smells, sounds… at their own pace.
TravelTailors understood that lots of travelers wanted to make their dream trips in one way that was not offered in Portugal.
For this reason, TravelTailors offers tailor-made travel services to satisfy the needs of travelers like you, who look for personalized itineraries and top-quality service – from the time we begin planning your vacation, until the end of your trip. TravelTailors guarantees you comfort, knowledge and security.
To know more, read our history.
TravelTailors is the first travel agency in Portugal specialized in tailor-made travel programs all over the world.
Portugal by TravelTailors is a project stemming from Paula's experience as a Portuguese and American citizen. Having lived 18 years in the USA and traveled to Canada, Paula knows exactly what a North American person likes and needs when traveling outside home. Paula knows how rigorous and demanding one has to be to provide excellent experiences to her travelers. Therefore, Paula meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. At her Team, she counts with the help of Edgar, a luxury incoming travel consultant with over 10 years of experience.
And what greater comfort than talking and being received in Portugal by who speaks your own language?
At TravelTailors, we really love people and Portugal, we work with professionalism and we have high standards. We respect the tastes, preferences and constraints of each traveler. We strive to exceed expectations. And we are always available to talk, help and solve any situation.
That’s our differentiation.
If you are looking for a tailor-made vacation to Portugal, we are the experts you need. We organize tailor-made travel programs since 2010 and we are members of the Board of APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies).
TravelTailors establishes a personal relationship with each client and is committed to its values of: Good Practice, Sustainability, Dedication, Reliability, Strive for Empathy, Positive Communication, Coherence and Gratitude.
If you identify with these features, TravelTailors is your tailor-made travel agency.
Our clients speak for us! Read our clients´ reviews.
TravelTailors is managed by a team (please check point “Why should I travel with TravelTailors and not with another agency?), who is ruled by professional and ethical values and count on the support of the best local partners in Portugal and all world destinations.
We are a travel agency with head office in Lisbon, Portugal, that you can visit and, how can you see by the news about us , we really exist.
Your physical safety is guaranteed by the financial stability of our company. We do not have any debt to the state, to banks, or service providers. We pay our partners prior to our clients´ arrival date and we have an impeccable reputation, securing the best support in any location that you go to.
TravelTailors responsibility, as the travel agency organizing the travel programs purchased by you, and assumed obligations, is guaranteed by a civil responsibility insurance in the amount of 75,000 euros and by the Fundo de Garantia de Viagens e Turismo [Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund] in the legal terms of legislation in force (according to the points 19 and 20 of our General Terms and Conditions).
For your additional safety, we inform that TravelTailors is a Board Member of APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies), and adherent to the Provedor do Cliente das Agências de Viagens e Turismo [Provider of the Client of the Travel and Tourism Agencies] (according to point 4 of our General Terms and Conditions). Provedor do Cliente das Agências de Viagens e Turismo [Provider of the Client of the Travel and Tourism Agencies] is an independent institution of APAVT, which has as principal function the defense and promotion of rights and legitimate interests of consumers with regards to services provided by travel and tourism that are members of APAVT. This entity has an extensive experience in the resolution of consumer complaints specifically related to travel and tourism.
TravelTailors has sustainability as a value: we prefer local partners who looks to respect and benefit the local communities through educational, environmental and cultural initiatives. In some cases, your money will contribute directly to this initiatives. We also have the preoccupation to minimize environmental and social impact in all of our personal and professional activities.
To have our personalized counseling, call us (+351 21 757 8670), write to us (portugal@travel-tailors.com), or plan a skype meeting (our Skype address is traveltailors). If you prefer, you can also fill out this form.
We know Portugal (and much more of the world), therefore with your interests and budget in mind, we will plan your next dream vacation.
We suggest that you take a look at the programs on our website, based on real travel experiences we´ve put up for our clients.
You can also read the reviews of other travelers.
In addition to these FAQs, we suggest you read our Useful Information for the Traveler.
We are fully available to adapt our suggestions to your tastes, time and budget, since we consider this is your dream vacation. It is for this reason that we are TravelTailors.
You may want to shorten or lengthen a stay, cut activities or visits in which you have no interest, add others that are not included, request specific hotels… TravelTailors will “tailor” your travel program. :).
Yes. Please provide this indication prior to issuing flight tickets, so that we can check schedules that fit your program and confirm all of the prices.
We have chosen the most inspiring charming hotels, luxury havens, countryside retreats, historical manor houses, beach hotels and countryside boutique hotels to enhance your experience in Portugal. We recommend boutique accommodations with fewer rooms, more authenticity and refinement. We suggest, whenever possible, accommodations that are environmentally sustainable.
Please explore our hotels and start dreaming!
Do you have another preference? Please send it away, and we´ll be happy to arrange it for you, if fitting our quality standards.
All of TravelTailors travel programs are prepared specifically for each client, therefore the preferences of the travelers and the availability of the chosen hotels are always evaluated case by case.
But don´t worry - you will be given a detailed program, with hotels´ names, tailored by us after you let us know your preferences.
In any case, you will never be obliged to stay in a hotel that was not approved by you explicitly, except in circumstances of greater force in the specific location (such natural catastrophes or conflicts). In these circumstances, TravelTailors and local partners will be completely available to find the best possible alternatives.
Yes. TravelTailors guarantees permanent monitoring service, from the travel proposal until the end of the trip. The only exception is if you do not request a transfer service or guide in a specific city – however, if arriving in Portugal for a complete travel program with TravelTailors, we will meet you at the airport to deliver your travel documents and explain any important detail.
Our travel programs include tours that are guided by professional local guides, we work with the best. These guides are knowledgeable about the region and the culture, they are competent and trustworthy. If the guide is also a driver, we ensure that she/he obliges with all legal requirements. Your safety is our main priority.
In Portugal we generally work with English speaking guides. However, we can also provide guiding services in the native language of our clients: just let us know, and we’ll do our best to find a guide speaking your language.
You can call us anytime. Our travel information contains the emergency phone numbers of TravelTailors, which you are free to use 24/7. Contacts of drivers, guides, and accommodation are all provided.Your travel information will be delivered to you by app (Axus Travel Smartphone App) and/or email before departure (also in hard-copy upon your arrival to Portugal, if you request it).
Yes, of course. Your travel program is designed based on our knowledge of all destinations. You can count on us, to prepare your trip with comfort, knowledge and security. Moreover, nothing gives us more pleasure than to plan travel programs (apart from actually traveling, of course!).
We prefer having others saying it for us. Our clients Laurie and Russel put it this way: “A number of people asked us - Why Portugal? and we said Why not?… it is a beautiful country, great people, excellent food and the wine…oh the wine is just great!”. Furthermore, perhaps you would you like to read what Alex Ellis, former British Ambassador to Portugal, has to say:
“The inter-generational connection. Portugal is a country where young and old talk, normally within a family context. The status of Grandparent is held in high regard in Portuguese society – and rightly so. Portuguese people respect the young and the old, and everyone benefits from it.
The central role of food in daily life. Lunch matters: not a quickly-eaten, badly-digested sandwich, but soup, a hot meal, etc. all eaten at a table with other people. Here too, the family relationship is bolstered.
The variety of scenery. I don’t know any other country where it’s possible to see so much in a single day: from the grandiose Douro River to the beauty of the Alentejo plains, passing through the plateaus and mountain-ranges of the Beira Interior.
The tolerance. I’ve never lived in a country that accepted foreigners so well. It is no coincidence that Portugal is considered one of the countries most open to immigrants in an international study conducted by MIPEX.
Coffee and the cafés. The locations are simple, inviting and pleasant; the drink is a small daily pleasure, especially when accompanied by a warm pastel de nata.
The innocence. It’s difficult to describe this concept in a few words without appearing patronizing, but in my first weekend in Portugal, I witnessed a typical street party (festa popular) in Vila Real where teenagers were dancing traditional dances with a joy and freedom that has, at its root, a certain innocence.
A profound spirit of independence. Looking at the Iberian map, it may seem strange that Portugal continues to be an independent country – but this is not by chance. Inside every Portuguese person is a profoundly autonomous and independent spirit.
The women. The Defense Attaché at the embassy 15 years ago gave me some precious advice: “Young man, if u want something done right in this country, give that task to a woman.” I agreed with him so much that I married a Portuguese woman.
Curiosity and knowledge of the world. The influence from abroad is evident here in the food, the arts, the names. Portugal is a country that is connected, and that wants to remain connected, to other continents.
That money isn’t the most important thing in the world. The good things about Portugal won’t cost you. On the contrary: there is nothing better than to leave the beach at the end of the afternoon and eating a grilled fish with a simple glass of wine.”

2. Reservations, documentation and payment

It is always convenient to plan your trips well in advance in order to avoid disappointment due to lack of availability of flights or hotels, and in order to be able to find flights with the lowest prices. We recommend you start planning at least three to four months before the departure date.
You can contact us by telephone (+351 21 757 8670) or e-mail (portugal@travel-tailors.com). Please check our indication about the next steps.
In order to confirm a reservation, we require payment of all flights (a rate of 50 Euros per passenger applies) and 25% of the land arrangements. The remainder due (75%) must be paid 30 days prior to the departure date, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Different conditions may apply in some specific programs, promotions or festive seasons, by imposition of service providers. We advise you to consult our General Conditions.
To prepare your trip, we'll ask for your personal data, contacts and information on the travel program you want, under the our privacy policy.
Of course you can, if that is your preference! Many of our customers have traveled alone, and in Portugal this is perfectly safe.
You can pay for your trip using the following payment methods:
a)bank transfer
b)Credit Card VISA or MASTERCARD (subject to a 2% surcharge)
c)Paypal (subject to a 6% surcharge)
d)Amex (subject to a 3% surcharge)
We advise you to consult our Terms and Conditions.
Once all services are confirmed and your payment has been completed, we will provide all the necessary documentation through:
a) our Axus Travel Smartphone App, in the “Documents” tab, and/or
b) email.

As part our eco-friendly guidelines and environmental consciousness we avoid printing unnecessary paper. If you decide to a have printed travel information, we’ll provide the necessary documentation together with the itinerary, route description, city maps, and vouchers.
Your reservation will be valid only upon the total payment of the flights (a fee of 50 Euros will apply, per passenger) and 25% of the land arrangements.
The remainder must be paid 30 days prior to the arrival date, unless specifically indicated otherwise. If a reservation is made within 30 days of arrival date, the travel program must be paid in full in order to be confirmed.
Different conditions may apply in some specific programs, promotions or festive seasons, by imposition of service providers.
You or any of your companions are free to withdraw or cancel the trip at any time. Any cancellation must be in writing and implies that you are responsible for the payment of all charges associated with it, less redeployment of services and cost savings. Please see point "16. Renunciation by the client" in our General Conditions.

3. Legal Documentation to travel

Non-european travelers visiting a European country need a passport and possibly a visa that should be required in the consulate or embassy of the country that you want to visit.
You can find more information here.
When minors are accompanied by parents, it is always necessary to be in possession of legal identification documents.

When minors are traveling unaccompanied by whoever has parental authority, it is required to present an authorization for this purpose. This authorization shall be written, dated and signed by the person exercising parental authority, and legally certified.
If you want to drive in Portugal, make sure your driver’s license is valid and is recognized by the country you are visiting.
Inquire about local law (if necessary, consult us) and scrupulously comply with the country's Road Regulations.
Depending on where you´re from, you may need to apply for an International Driving License. You should always bring your national driver’s license with you, as well.
If you rent a car, some rent-a-car companies may require the credit card used to make the reservation. It is also necessary to have a credit card in the driver´s name in order for the rental company to block the deductible fee that is charged should something happen with the car. The rent-a-car companies typically require that the driver has a full and valid driving license for at least 1 year.
If you’re not Portuguese, you should consult your embassy or consulate in order to identify what are the entry requirements in the country to which you want to travel. You should inform TravelTailors about your nationality when booking. For more information, you can also visit the Portuguese "Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras" [Foreigners and Borders Bureau]'s website.


The weather in Portugal is mild all year round, so it is always a great time to visit! There are, however, the best times of the year to enjoy the sun and have less chance of rain.
Please check this post for more detailed information.

5. Health and safety

If you want to travel to Portugal, you don’t need to be worried about vaccines, as Portugal is a country with great health conditions and it is not necessary to take vaccines to prevent any disease. You can read more about health conditions in Portugal here.
First, you should activate your travel insurance before incurring in any expenses (please see this statement on the travel documents that we will provide) . If you are in doubt, please contact us.
If you are an EU citizen, traveling in Europe, the European Card of Health ensures you healthcare and hospitalization anywhere in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. You must request this card in your country prior to traveling, and keep in mind that it is only valid for one year, therefore must be renewed.
If you are a non-EU citizen, you should contact your insurance company first thing in order to learn the hospitals or clinics which you are able to use. If you need any help, we’ll be pleased to provide all the necessary assistance.
We advise you talk to your obstetrician prior to planning any travel program.

Most airlines do not impose any restrictions up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. From that period , some companies require a medical certificate attesting that the pregnancy does not prevent you from traveling by plane and in more complicated cases (such as high-risk pregnancies over 36 weeks, twins; risk of miscarriage or recent miscarriage… ) it may even be necessary to have prior authorization from a higher party.
When traveling long distances, the human body takes some time (usually three days) to adjust to the new time zone .

Jet lag is a result of air travel to destinations with a travel over three hours. It is due to the fact that many of the functions of the human body (such as temperature, heart rate and physiological requirements) are regulated by internal cycles of 24 hours.

Some symptoms are fatigue, disorientation, insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration and loss of appetite, among others.
How to minimize these effects?
• Start getting used to the time zone of your destination, like eating and sleeping according to that time;
• Rest well before the trip;
• For very long flights we advise you to make a stopover during the trip;
• Drink plenty of water (this should start a few days before traveling, with a minimum of 2L per day) and avoid alcohol;
• On the plane, use light clothing, mask and earplugs to sleep better.
Scuba diving is an activity with some risks, even when performed by those authorized to do so and in excellent health. Among the most common problems, we can mention the sudden decompression that occurs when basic precautions are not taken by divers.
Thus, after any diving experience it is necessary to remain a period of at least 24 hours at sea level. You can not fly immediately after diving due to decompression. So, remember: you can fly and dive, but never dive and fly, on the same day!
Another important factor to take into account when you are diving is the equipment ! This should be suitable for you and for the type of diving that you will do; It should be in good conditions, so that it is provided with increased security.
You don’t need to worry about security in Portugal, it’s a very safe country, at the moment considered 5th on the list of safest countries in the world.
For more information about the security in different countries you can always see this website.

6. Flights

The price of flights is very variable depending on the rates available at the time of booking, time of year and available ticket class, therefore the information we give is more transparent.

Additionally, there are travelers who prefer to opt for more economic flight solutions, while others prefer direct flights when available or only use certain companies and are willing to pay a more expensive flight.
In each program, you will find information on the indicative value of the flights. When you want to book, we'll specify the precise value of flights available, with respective schedules, and airlines.
To get the best airfare and schedules, we advise that you book your flights as soon as possible. We recommend at least three to four months before departure, especially if it is high season (in Portugal or in any other destination).
Passengers should keep in mind the current security rules for hand luggage, including the prohibition of carrying any material considered dangerous (including pocket knives, nail files and nail clippers!). As well as limiting the transport of liquids (such as other perfume creams, deodorant, toothpaste , gel ...) to 100 ml containers properly packed in a transparent bag of 20 cm x 20 cm ( ex .: freezing bag ), which can be opened and closed, and accommodating a maximum of 1 liter. Please check luggage weight limits with the carrier.